Pokemon Wants list

This list is for future reference~ Photos are not mine. High priority in bold
-->My collection site with what I already own : https://yellow-forest.weebly.com/ <--

Pokemon Center Pokemon Fit Sunflora Ordered and on the way!

Pokemon Center Pokemon Fit Dunsparce

2001 Japanese McDonald's Pikachu plush Found!

Various vintage TOMY Pikachu plushies in this style -

1:1 Lifesize Pikachu version 3(?)

GRAIL - BEAMS lifesize Pikachu

GRAIL - 2010 Pokemon Center Rainbow Campaign large Dittochu

Bandai Cap Candy "Pop Topper" lollipop keychain

Old school Raichu backpack plush

Pokemon Center fuzzy Mew plush

Postcards illustrated by Keiko Fukuyama (any and all)

Pokemon Center Torterra plush

Pokemon TCG art books

Ooyama's Pikachu TCG card